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28 Jun 2017

Ringtones and More: Fun Things to do With Your Phone


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Posted By Nick K.

Can you believe how far mobile phones have come in the last ten years? Toda's phones look nothing like their mammoth ancestors, and with the applications they are capable of, you can hardly tell that modern mobile phones were related to those out-dated predecessors. Now we have mobile phones that aren't only capable of sending and receiving calls, they can surf the web, play games, play music, take pictures, capture video and more.

With all the fun things your mobile phone can do, shouldn't you be taking advantage of them? DO you know what types of applications and features your phone has? If you don't, dust off the user manual you received back when you purchased your phone. In there, you'll find what capabilities your phone might have, whether its games, fun pictures, real tone ringtones, cameras or any number of any fun things your phone can do. Once you know all of your phone's features, you can have them download to phone directly, where you can start enjoying them.

Most people start off with a fun ringtone. Using your favorite service online, you can simply choose any of your favorite songs and download to phone quickly so that you can start enjoying the right away. Ringtones are a fun way to personalize your phone. You can even use different songs and sound clips to create ringtones for the different people in your phone book, so you always know who's calling before you pick up the phone to see.

Another fun way to jazz up your phone is to add games. Games on your phone are a great way to pass the time, especially when waiting at say, the doctor's office. Because they are quiet and discreet, you can get away with downloading them and playing them on your phone without anyone noticing!

You can also use any of your favorite pictures from the web on your phone as a background. You don't have to take the picture with the phone's camera itself in order to use it, simply send the content of your favorite picture to your phone and use it for different settings on your phone. It's a fun idea to have a picture of the person who is calling flash on your phone's screen when they call, and you can do this easily by downloading the pictures to your phone and arranging them using your phone's settings.


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