Cell Phone SIM Cards

Cell Phone SIM Cards – The different facets presented by the modern world

Cell-Phone-SIM-CardsCell Phone SIM Cards – Dictate the demands needed to cope with the fast and constant advancement in communication and technology. Numerous features and conveniences have opened up to mankind and the most essential of these is ease of communication. Although not an absolute necessity to survive, making use of this modern innovation has proven to make lives easier. Getting in touch with loved ones has never been easier with just a press of a few buttons or logging into an online chatting application.

As previously mentioned, these modern inventions have corresponding demands attached to them

These demands are merely asking for some spending cash to invest in the necessary items to afford this ease of communication. The most obvious item needed would be mobile phones. The features of today’s mobile phones range from simple call and SMS (short message service) functions to addition of other features such as MMS (multi-media messagin service), camera, video recording, basic to advanced internet functions. However, most of today’s phones have all the features mentioned plus a few more applications enabled by their respective operating systems.

Mobile Phone

After the actual device required to communicate (mobile phone), users must also have one very important item to provide themselves with virtual identification over the network. Obviously, a lot of people have the same names up to their middle initials. Identifying people over the network using names is basically impractical and chaotic. To address this, SIM cards are used to give proper and unique identifications for users. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card has embedded metal circuitry that interacts with the mobile phones and tells it the embedded corresponding number and saved contacts and messages. Although due to mobile phones getting more advanced rather quickly, the contacts and messages functions of SIM cards are slowly becoming obsolete and largely unused. Almost all of today’s modern phones allow saving of contacts and messages and are exponentially more expansive than the allowed space provided by the SIM card. Consequently, SIM card manufacturers and phone networks have ceased in improving SIM card features since essentially, its core function is to provide unique identification to its user.

Where SIM card manufacturing improves is its size, which goes hand in hand with newer phones having less and less accommodating space for SIM cards to give space to additional circuitry. The normal SIM card size that has been prevalent over the years is slowly losing popularity to micro SIM cards. The circuitry remains the same but the plastic portion is cut to a smaller size. Then came the nano SIM where virtually only the metal chip for circuitry remains to be seen.

Cell Phone SIM Cards